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    Open Space Background

    Become a Member or Renew you鸿运彩软件下载r Membership with The Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation

    Joining The Foundation is not only a great way to show you鸿运彩软件下载r support for our wonderful Open Space, it is also the easiest way to keep up to date on our restoration activities and events. Members receive a newsletter three times a year as well as invitations to special events. Being a member also allows you鸿运彩软件下载 to join the governing board if you鸿运彩软件下载 wish to be more involved in our work.

    The Foundation is a purely volunteer organization with no paid staff and very low expenses. All of our money comes from membership dues, donations, and the occasional grant. One of the best ways to show you鸿运彩软件下载r support for our activities and help restore and protect our Open Space is to join the Foundation. Memberships are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. There are a variety of membership levels depending on you鸿运彩软件下载r desired commitment and joining is easy!

    Membership Tiers and Fees

    Patron - $500

    Benefactor - $250

    Sustaining - $100

    Family - $40

    Individual - $25

    You can also contribute any additional amount desired or you鸿运彩软件下载 can donate directly to The Foundation without becoming a member.

    Join/Renew online

    If you鸿运彩软件下载 would like to pay by credit card or save some paper, you鸿运彩软件下载 can fill out our online membership form. Credit card payments are accepted through PayPal or you鸿运彩软件下载 can mail a check following the instructions below (note: you鸿运彩软件下载 do not need to print out and mail in the membership form if you鸿运彩软件下载 filled it out online).

    online form button

    Join/Renew by mail

    Download Our Membership Form [PDF]

    Make you鸿运彩软件下载r check payable to: The Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation

    Mail you鸿运彩软件下载r membership form to:

    Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation
    PO Box 309
    Walnut Creek, CA 94597-0309

    Join our Board!

    The Foundationís all-volunteer Board of Directors is always seeking new members.

    The Foundation Board meets monthly to discuss and make decisions about restoration projects including our Oak Habitat Restoration Project and uses of other native plants, the state of our open spaces, educational and outreach programs, and more.

    If you鸿运彩软件下载íre involved in the Open Space in any capacity -- hiker, cyclist, equestrian, dog owner, botany or biology student -- and are interested in joining the board, please send an email to us at: contact鸿运彩软件下载@.

    Deer Lake

    Deer Lake